City of Ember, Undergrounded

1/23/2009 07:38:00 PM / Author : Parama Gandi / comments (0)

Again, a movie that was based on the real problem, not a real story, but the problem is the beginning of the city itself, which is located thousands of kilometers away underground, is a problem that we may be, as a man of the earth beloved, feeling if we pretend not to know what would happen to this beautiful planet by simply exposing it in a bad condition.

This movie is telling about the life of human being when the earth is not feasible anymore. Earth with its sky so full of dust, gas, and all kinds of radiation damage, whatever that is, no skin colour perspective.

For that, scientists, from various disciplines, unite, to gather the best solution for next generations to come. Yes, if they can no longer live at the top, then they will move to the bottom, beneath the ground, which is more than that in the belly of the earth.

Really it is a science fiction, we may already know that it is not possible for living beings to live in a temperature high degree of environmental, air circulation is poor, living without water, and so else. But it is not the main problem, the purpose of this story is the beginning of the first issue.

Physically we know we just stand here right in front of the queue counter for trains to other city, to sit quietly in a luxury car, stereo or turn on a tape when hard-partying is on, and turn all the lights for that, and then remove all waste left without thinking how to get back what we have taken from the earth. But, do you know that we are actually seeing, looking at, with our own eyes, slow movement of the evolution of our own destruction, our beloved Earth, which will be at the point towards to the extinction.

We would never know what will happen a second after, we may be given only a limited ability, but with all that limitations, we still have to respect what has been granted, to maintain, and to use it for good, for the good thing of all.

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Time Waits No Man

1/23/2009 07:23:00 PM / Author : Parama Gandi / comments (0)

Time does not wait, or even wants to wait. Time is only in line with what has been done billions of years. there is never a mistake, not any tolerance. It’s always right.

Time is always on time. Funny when you hear someone can set the time. It is not that you actually do. You, who are in that time. You yourself that are forced in that time, familiarize yourself to live in it. Time has power, but he was never perfect, as we know that there is nothing’s perfect in this world.

Time has everything. He sets sunrise at a time scheduled and then for sleep and is replaced by the moon for the night watch. But not, so, it has limited time. as we know that time is actually helping us, giving the area-distance extent to do what we want and we need in this world, but he has limitations, by the creator, God, he was only given a certain restriction for 24 hours a day, with 1 hours with the same 60 minutes or 3600 seconds with the accurate calculation of 1 minute is 60 seconds, and time of day is repeated 7 times in the fold, indicating the existence of 7 different kinds of day with the capacity at the same time in 1 week. Week repeats itself for 4 times for every 1 month.

Everything has been defined and has been running with very accurate over time, working with perfect precision, never care about the relativity. What we need to do is not to do hardt on the time, obey all instructions, and follow the step as such. That is not the problem, as well as limitations. It is about what we can do, what we can fill in, and what we can provide, to ourselves and others.

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